For its closing stage, the GC32 Racing Tour stopped in Toulon. Difficult weather delays departure. Then Realteam, victim of a spectacular dismasting, is forced to abandon for a whole day. Thanks to a strong team spirit and a hard work of the technicians, the boat is back on the water the next day. On the whole event, only five rounds could be run by the Swiss crew. Second in the circuit so far, Realteam ran out of time on the water to confirm his position and finished 4th overall in the GC32 Racing Tour 2018.

Never one stage of the GC32 Racing Tour has seen its competitors stay ashore for so long. For its first edition, the GC32 TPM Med Cup was hit by a bitter weather, forcing the boats to wait until Friday for the launch. No training, no practice race … and a strong sea for three days of racing.

The first start is launched. Realteam is in the lead. All of a sudden, the boat seems to disappear: the mast broke just below the sleeve. The crew is shocked, but safe and sound. The technicians take the case immediately, calling on the other teams – especially Zoulou – to gather the necessary equipment. After a night of work, the boat is ready to sail, with a competitive and reliable mast. “Everyone has pulled together,” says Jérôme Clerc. “We were able to get back on the water and try to climb up the rankings, motivated despite the huge backlog accumulated in a day.”

Realteam is back in the race, and it pays: a win and two race podiums. “After this type of breakage, we sail on eggshells when we come back on the water”, explains Jérôme Clerc during the debrief. With confidence gradually returning, Realteam has finally given its full potential, in good conditions.

In terms of ranking, Realteam is 7th on the stage, and points to the 4th place of the circuit, a small point on the podium. The team is counting on the last day to fix it, but this time again the weather is doing its own. While the wind forces the competitors to take a laugh before the start, the latter is canceled and the final return to the ground. The ranking remains unchanged.

“Having held the second step of the podium throughout the season, we lose two places in the ranking on this last stage. Realteam was deprived of final, so to speak, “Jérôme Clerc analyzes. The disappointment is there, while the podium was at hand. However, the overall balance remains positive: “We raced against very strong crews, as they is no America’s Cup this year. Realteam has continued its progression throughout the season, finding ways to raise its level and remain at the top of the rankings. ”

A step full of emotions for Realteam, which closes GC32’s season by working to the end to meet this year’s motto: do not give up.