The majorcan leg of the GC32 Racing Tour has been eventful for Realteam. After a nice rise in power for the team during the first day, mechanical hazards changed the plans. Despite a wounded crewmate, Realteam finishes 5th in the Copa del Rey Mapfre and takes 2nd place overall in the circuit.

“We are still missing the penny drop to get fully into it, but we are not far from it”, resumes skipper Jerome Clerc, who remains confident. The 37th Copa del Rey Mapfre has not been gentle to Realteam. After a positive first day, where the team is gaining strength race after race (5-5-5-3-3), the rest of the events are more complicated. Nice starts, but maneuvers are difficult to set, and the human accident happens : Loïc Forestier, trimmer, hurts his back. “This day was very difficult for us”, say coach Daniel Souben. “If you are not 100% on all the factors of the performance, the results are directly impacted.”

The next day, Christophe Carbonnières joins the team and replaces Loïc, who is immediately taken care of by the physiotherapist. Christophe gets into the game quickly and the team continues to improve on the starts. And yet, the flight is sometimes difficult to hold, for no obvious reason… until the preparation team takes a closer look at the boat. The verdict is unambiguous : technical problem on one of the foils. “We have noticed the source of the problem a little late, but it’s reassuring to see that the actions on the water are not in question on this situation”, says Jérôme.

The following therefore looks best for Realteam, which returns to D35 in August, before returning to Sardinia in September. It the team leaves with a 5th place at the Copa del Rey Mapfre, it is on the second step of the podium overall GC32 Racing Tour. “It’s a year without the America’s Cup, the resources of the circuit are therefore quite present on the other boats”, says Jérôme. “It’s up to us to stay focused and continue our efforts to remain on course !” A state of mind that reflects the values of the team – precision, excellence, team spirit -and the motto of the 2018 season : never give up.