The approach of the holidays pushes our sailors to offer us their 2020 balance sheet, that had such singular conditions. Deprived of their natural element, our skilled privateers have had to use their imagination to adapt to the situation.

Videoconferences, strategic attack plans, apprehension of the software, the Realteam team has not been idle during this year, despite the particular climate of the pandemic. The period of confinement may seem difficult to tame for a sailor, as the latter is a competitor. Nevertheless, he faces his uncertainties and knows how to be patient. “The hardest thing was not having any sailing or regatta prospects during the confinement period” confides Benjamin Amiot.

Ashore, the team was able to optimize this new time to improve the preparation of future regattas, on board of the TF35. Small working groups were set up according to a program of defined themes. Using Skype or Zoom, the sailors navigate on a more technological field and take the time to sharpen their strategies. Less action and more preparation.

The Geneva lake still offered them two navigations at the end of the year, enough to warm their hearts more than their bodies! On the battlefield, “we stare at each other, look out for each other and play the game to the fullest” says Sébastien Col. The first race served as a window to judge the opposing maneuvers after a long period on land. The sailors remain satisfied with their first ball of sails…

The second race was more of a calibration.  The team experimented with several approaches following the test phases that had been conducted during the lockdown. One can think for example of the use of software, which Jérôme Clerc defines as “the virtual teammate”. It is a software program that electronically assists the TF35’s flight altitude target. We had to adapt to this new technology, which has evolved a lot, and create new landmarks. According to Gurvan Bontemps, “the work of containment has paid off”.

In the light of the end of the year 2020 not like the others, the balance sheet is clear: our team never has been so close and united, despite the distance. What can we wish them for 2021? Realteam wants to take advantage of all the work done during the lockdown, but above all, to regain the freedom of the waters. What a great impatience! Like the siren song, the call of the open sea is more vivid than ever.