A symbol of sailing and performance on the Geneva Lake, the D35 has carried the seamen’s dreams for over 15 years. Realteam joined this elite group in 2011, winning the first of a long serie of trophies, until the latest Grand Prix de Clôture last September. Let’s have a look back at this incredible journey, which fast-tracked Realteam Sailing amongst the best of the category.

In 2010, as the Julius Baer Challenge – the D35 official circuit – is raging on the Geneva Lake, Realstone S.A. dives into the sailing world and organises the first edition of the Realstone Cup. One year later, a team of young talents from the Geneva Centre d’Entraînement à la Régate officially competes under its flag. Initiated by Esteban Garcia, this partnership enabled the creation of the hard core of the team, which stands out right away, winning its first Grand Prix during its very first race.

In 2012, Realstone sails through the competition, winning not only the mythical Bol D’Or Mirabaud during the Genève-Rolle-Genève, as it is competing in D35 for the second time only, but also the overall ranking. “This season was quite exceptional” skipper Jérôme Clerc recalls. “The results strengthened our credibility as a professional team and gave a clear impulse to the creation of a full-fledge entity.”

This led to the creation of Realteam, which will be renamed Realteam Sailing in 2019. With the ongoing support of Realstone S.A., the crew benefits from a real status which allows them to build their regattas schedule.

Alongside the D35 circuit, Realteam joins the Extreme Sailing Series in Extreme 40, before turning to foiling with the Flying Phantom, and later the GC32. “We decided to turn to foiling very quickly since sailing was cleary headed this way” Jérôme Clerc explains. “But the D35 still is the core of our work, right to the end.”

Following the technical progress, the D35 makes now way for its successor, identical in dimensions but clearly innovating from a technological standpoint, the TF35. The prototype made its debut on the Geneva Lake last summer and the sister-ships of this new series will take part in the 2020 season. Jérôme Clerc sums up: “Realteam Sailing participated actively to the development of the prototype. This new ship offers us very similar sensations to the D35 but with increased performances thanks to its foiling capabilities. We are extremely happy with this transition which, I’m sure, honors the D35”.