Despite a new configuration – which evolved in the course of the event, in an ever sharper fleet, Realteam shot brilliantly in the game. The team climbed on the second step of the podium of the GC32 Villasimius Cup. At one point of the winner, Realteam achieves a good performance in difficult conditions.

The Sardinian stage of the GC32 Racing Tour 2018 will be remembered. First, the crew configuration is special for this event. With the imminent approach of a happy event, Jerome Clerc gives the helm to Arnaud Psarofaghis, and Loic Forestier takes the role of skipper. Then conditions: 25 knots to start hostilities. We can say that the gods were unleashed, reversing the boat Argo. A good run in this first day puts in confidence the team who, despite a setting error in the first leg causing him to lose some valuable lengths, quickly gets back into the game.

The next day, the results are fluctuating, and yet Realteam ranks third at the end of the day. But the team does not let go and remains focused for the third day of the cup. He takes two points over the leader, wins two races and wins one more place in the standings. With a shadow on the board: No. 1 Arthur Cevey is wounded in the hand when a winch breaks during a maneuver. More fear than casualty in the end, but a replacement must be found. Realteam makes the best day of the fleet, the ranking is tight.

Young Florian Trüb joins the team on Sunday morning. Used to a similar methodology, he integrates very quickly. Realteam wins the first two races of the day. Then the Swiss team is third on the two final rounds, which makes it keep its second place of the leaderboard … at one point of the first. “We missed very little to get there,” said coach Daniel Souben. “The team did a great job, we can be proud of it.” Work at all levels, both on the water and on the ground. The technical team, Jeff Kerleguer and Christian Vaudelin, worked hard to allow the sailing team to achieve this performance. As for the skipper of this stage, Loic Forestier, he concludes on an enthusiastic note: “It’s a wonderful experience, both human and sporting. The team gave everything to achieve this result despite the hazards, and I did my best to accompany him. ”

Realteam remains in second place in the GC32 Racing Tour. The last leg of the circuit will take place in Toulon, from 10 to 14 October. By then, Realteam will race on Lake Geneva, in D35 (Realstone Grand Prix presented by the Lake Geneva Museum) and in Flying Phantom (Open Yacht Club of Geneva).