At Riva, on Lake Garda, thirteen boats competed for the first edition of the GC32 World Championship. Winner of the GC32 Racing Tour 2017, Realteam has faced a sharp fleet for this first leg of the circuit. The crew is 8th in the worlds, and takes 2nd place on the GC32 Racing Tour.

The adventure begins strongly for Realteam, which arrives 2nd in the first round of the championship. The following is less obvious, and an early departure is causing a delay to the Swiss crew, arriving 12th. The skipper Jerome Clerc remains confident: “It’s interesting to see that we have been competing against the same boats in both runs,” he says. The level is very, very tight.

The next day, Realteam remains in the middle of the leaderboard throughout the day, sailing a little behind in the fierce battle being waged by the thirteen boats. “We stay at the foot of the leading group, increased risk taking should allow us to go up the rankings,” says Daniel Souben, the coach of the team.

Risk taking increases on the third day, especially on departures. The approach is good, but perhaps premature: “This is the first time the crew in this configuration is in competition.Young, less experienced, the team must still train to find his level”, says Daniel Souben. The goal is at hand: “the big teams have been volatile, we see that all have made excellent and bad rounds,” he adds.

With a 4th place on the last day, the team manages to maintain its position in the overall leaderboard. Realteam is ranked 8th for this first edition of the GC32 World Championship. On the first step of the podium, another Swiss crew, Team Tilt, quickly took the top spot. Among its members are two Realteam alumni, Lucien Cujean and Bryan Mettraux. “We see that they have progressed by sailing with us,” smiles Daniel Souben. Congratulations to them for this great performance!

The next adventure in GC32 will take place in Lagos, Portugal. At the end of this first stage in Riva, Realteam is placed 2nd on the circuit. The season goal is favorable for the crew, who are soon back on Lake Geneva for training in D35, multiplying the hours on the water.

Photo: Pedro Martinez / GC32 World Championship