The current situation is an opportunity for Realteam Sailing to prepare even better for the switch to TF35, by analysing the data collected in March during its training week in Spain.

Between the assembly of the boat in Mies, the technical preparation, the sail trimming and the choreography of the manoeuvres, Realteam Sailing has enough to keep its focus on the TF35. “We’ve divided up the tasks to prepare all the performance subjects,” explains Jérôme Clerc, director of the Lausanne team. There are a lot of things we can anticipate. Sailing is part of the job, but there’s everything else that allows us to really progress on the water. Sailing is the result of everything we do upstream.”

And while Realteam Sailing is also experimenting with telecommuting, it does so by analyzing data collected during the training week in early March on the waters of the Mar Menor, Spain. “We were able to sail for four days,” says Jérôme Clerc. First we went there to feel things, to get a feel for things. Thanks to the rather strong wind conditions, we were able to work well.” First observation: with a lot of sails and foils to hoist and lower, the team will have more work to do than on the D35.

“It was excellent to sail with Sébastien Col to discover his way of doing things and his vision,” says Rémi Aeschimann. The data collected during the week in Spain allows me to work on the sails at the moment to optimise them.” By carrying out numerous analyses, the sailor from Geneva is establishing different scenarios for the future.

As for Benjamin Amiot, he is working on the manoeuvres. We’re trying to anticipate the different situations, to dissect what the tasks are at each position and how long they take, in order to keep the choreography flowing without getting into it,” he reveals. The deck plan is not quite the same as with the D35. Plus, it’s very fast because there are also the foils to manage.”

The atmosphere is therefore studious and enthusiastic among the members of Realteam Sailing, even without having been on the TF35 since the beginning of March. “The potential of this boat is enormous and we have a lot to discover,” says a delighted Jérôme Clerc, who has also started assembling the TF35 from Esteban Garcia’s team in Mies. 2020 is bound to be a special year. But the work done in confinement could bear fruit well beyond this season.