After three intense years forging a name for itself, Realteam Sailing is once more proving its commitment to excellence with a 2019 season which will bring new challenges and new boats. As it is strengthening its engagement in the D35 Trophy and the Swiss Flying Phantom Series, the Team has decided to withdraw from the GC32 circuit, planning to reiterate its Blue Ribbon attempt, after its near miss in 2017.

Realteam Sailing has been changing tack on foil boats since 2016. After its big win during the Swiss FP Series, Realteam Sailing also made its debut in the GC32 Racing Tour. The team finished last… but won it one year later, in 2017. “We’ve gone a long way since last season” the skipper Jérôme Clerc says. Today, Realteam Sailing has become a reference among this elite field.

The hard work has also paid off in regard to the D35. Esteban Garcia is at the helm: “Our goal was to reach the top of the heap of the D35 Trophy”. Winning several podium places over the season, Realteam Sailing ends up 5th in the overall ranking, fulfilling the ambitions it set during their press conference in April 2018. “This year, we’re aiming at a place on the circuit’s podium” says Esteban, a few weeks before the start of the new season.

The D35 season promises to be more demanding than ever, but this shouldn’t stop Realteam Sailing to give another go at the Blue Ribbon. The purchase of a TF35, a highly innovative foil boat which will replace the D35 in a near future, will mark the beginning of a new era. “The boat is still at the development stage, and it’s fascinating to follow the process from within” says Jérôme Clerc.

Last but not least, the program remains unchanged regarding the Flying Phantom. After an intense training period in Quiberon Bay, the team is ready to defend its title in the Swiss FP Series. Realteam Sailing will therefore be seen on the lake early May for the opening Grand Prix of the D35 Trophy… or even earlier in GC32, if the weather allows a quick round trip between Geneva and Le Bouveret.

Photo : Loris von Siebenthal