The Lausanne team members logically stay at home in order to contain the spread of coronavirus. Their newly arrived boat is doing the same, while the D35 has gone under other skies. As for the TF35 Trophy, it is suspending its calendar.

Just as the D35 was heading for Hungary to live a second youth on Lake Balaton, the Realteam Sailing TF35 was delivered in mid-March to Mies (VD), where the team’s base is located. But before it can be taken out of its container for assembly, the new flying boat is quietly locked up. Like almost all teams and sporting competitions around the world, Realteam Sailing and the TF35 Trophy logically mark a pause because of the coronavirus pandemic that is hitting the world.

Swiss Sailing – the national sailing federation – has suspended all sailing activities in Switzerland. For its part, the Automobile and Navigation Service is also closed until further notice, making boat registration impossible for the time being.

For its part, the production of TF35s is strongly affected by the decisions taken to curb the spread of the virus. The shipyards where the vessels are built and suppliers of other components are shut down. As a result, some TF35 Trophy crews have not yet received their catamaran and others are still waiting for certain parts.

In view of this situation, the management of the TF35 Trophy has decided to suspend the sailing authorisation and a new date will be set when the suppliers will be able to work again. From then on, it will take 3 to 4 weeks to receive the missing material. The first Grand Prix organised by the Société Nautique de Genève, scheduled for May 22nd to 24th, has therefore been postponed. Depending on the evolution, it will eventually be replaced by a training weekend.

As for Realteam Sailing, the whole team is looking forward to being able to fly on the water, as it did at the beginning of the month during a training course at the Mar Menor in Spain. In the meantime, each member is preparing for the coming season from home. Would you like to know how they do it and what were the impressions of the training week? Then don’t miss the next newsletter! Until then, do as Realteam Sailing does: stay at home, only go out when really necessary, respect hygiene rules and social distances, take care of each other.