Mainsail trimmer
Date of birth : 10.01.1980
Country : France

Sailing directly on multihulls, Gurvan Bontemps has followed the entire French light sail industry, notably trained by Daniel Souben. After the Olympic preparations in Tornado between 2000 and 2007, he worked on the development and fine-tuning of numerous projects such as the F18s, of which he is French champion 2013-2014 and vice-world champion 2014, or Franck Cammas’ Groupama Class C, whilst taking part in a few ocean races, notably on Stève Ravussin’s MOD70 Race for Water. A pioneer of the flying multihull, Gurvan is making his first tacks on Lake Leman on the occasion of the Bol d’Or 2014, when he comes to present the Flying Phantom which he developed with Benjamin Amiot. He makes some experiences in GC32 then in D35 before joining Realteam Sailing in 2019, where he meets again Daniel and Benjamin.


Décision 35
3rd D35 Trophy 2019
1st GP de Clôture 2019

Flying Phantom
1st Martinique CataRaid 2017
1st Raid des Corsaires 2015
1st Foiling W 2015
1st Eurocat 2015

3rd et 4th Racing Tour 2018-19 (coach, Zoulou)
4th et 5th Racing Tour 2016-17 (Engie)
1st Tour de Belle Ile 2015 (Gitana)
2nd Key West regata 2015 (Zoulou)

2nd CataCup St Barth 2016-2019
1st France Championship 2013-2014
2nd World Championship 2014
1st Martinique Cata Raid 2013-2014
5th World Championship 2013
4th Europe Championship 2011

12th World Championship 2006
2nd England Nationals 2006
8th Europe Championship 2005-2006
3rd French Olympic Week 2005

1st Ultime Maxi 80, Route des Princes 2013
6th Class C World Championship 2013
5th Krys Ocean Race 2012 (Race for Water)
1st MOD70 2011 (Veolia Fasnet)
1st Multi 50 Trophy 2010 (Wahou)
1st SNSM Trophy 2009 (Safran)