Compared to its predecessors, the TF35 has been designed with the ambitious brief to offer top level foiling to a wider audience of sailors. With earlier take-off speeds, guaranteed foiling upwind and downwind and a fully automatic flight control system, the TF35 uses the latest in foiling technology, both to improve performance and simplify high speed foiling while making it easier to race.

The development work of the TF35 was spearheaded by a small group of engineers, working on the design and concept of the boat, and lead by architects Gonzalo Redondo and engineer Dirk Kramer.

  • TF35 is a one design boat designed to sail on the sea and lakes
  • Allow owners to have access to a high performance foiling catamaran
  • Automatic flight assistance system
  • T foil and T rudder both with flaps
  • High consideration for crew safety
  • Easily transportable (mast in 2 parts, fit in a 40’ box)
  • Can be packed and assembled in 1-2 day


Boat length: 15m

Hull length: 10,85

Pod length: 5,84m

Boat width: 6,3m

Draft: 2,45m

Foil width: 2,7

Boat weight: 1’200 kg

Crew weight: 500kg

Crew : 6 people

performance upwind: fully foiling from 9kts tws upwind boat speed = 2 x tws

Performance downwind: fully foiling from 7kts tws downwind boat speed = 3 x tws


  • Flight high and pitch are computer controlled
  • The flight assistance system generates a stable and smooth flight 
  • TF35 teams can only adjust the flight height and pitch angle
  • The driver and crew members are not in charge of the flight regulation
  • The regulation software is ondesign and can’t be modified by the teams
  • Rudder differential adjustment increases the overall performance of the boat
  • Battery autonomy of 6 sailing hours