X40 (2013-2014)

The Extreme 40 is a 40ft catamaran, designed by Yves Loday and developed in 2005 by TornadoSport. The concept was to bring the sailing to the public and not the other way round. The origins of the Extreme 40 are the Olympic Class Catamaran, the Tornado – essentially the Extreme 40 is a scaled-up version of the Tornado, it is just twice as big and incredibly fast. The X40 is a simple easy to sail, light weight, full carbon fibre weapon. The boat will fit inside a normal 40ft shipping container. The Extreme 40 is the new generation of mid size sports catamarans sure to set the standard for exciting inshore sailing.


  • Hull Length: 40f /12.191m
  • Width of Hull: 7.92m
  • Weight: 1’250kg
  • Mast high: 18.9m
  • Max Sail Area: 180m2
  • Crew: 5
  • Max speed: 28 knts

X40 program 2016
The boat will only be use for the Team to practice. 30 days of training are planned in our winter base in Barcelona.

Team palmares
2nd place :

  • Act 3 Qingdao, China 2014
  • Act 7 Nice, France 2014

3rd place :

  • Extreme Sailing Series 2014
  • Act 1 Singapore 2014
  • Act 8 Sydney, Australia 2014
  • Act 4 Porto, Portugal 2013